Traceability in the Garment industry

David Stern uses traceability in the Garment industry. Capability to trace and verify the history, location and means the
history of an item means of documented Identification. A way that is verifiable, ‘traceability’ is a vital component and required to attract sustainability. The apparel and footwear industry combines retailers, suppliers and distributors with a huge raw materials and distinct processors. Traceability brings in more visibility, transparency and accountability in the supply claims.

RFID R’us / has released version 2.0 of their Garment Books. David Stern says, “We have figured out a way to embed traceability in each product through RIFD. Our software enables the supplier to go to manufacturer’s systems and match our order and packing list with encrypted security and print labels or tags with a manufacturer’s unique product number, producing a unique serial number/DNA with supplier’s information with any product data needed. Stern said, “It will definitely forbid any counterfeiting. You can also take inventory with a push of the button rather that going about your facility barcoding or scanning products. Full supply products freight, to warehouse, to consumer. There is no added cost to manufacture’s sticker or price tag.

About Traceability

Understanding where all of your products and items are and having the ability to track and analyze them in real-time is critical to meeting profit goals and customer expectations. With RFID, tracking by digital DNA, item-level visibility from the receiving dock all the way to the retail floor and everywhere, is possible.

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