Fabric Starr

  • A brand new technology that allows an apparel manufacturer to scan their fabric or finished goods in and out of inventory using RFID chips.
  • Wirelessly scan fabric or finished goods in and out of inventory
  • Eliminate theft, waste and save lots of time
  • Control accuracy of real time cloud based software

  • Free

  • Special Instructions: Please note that in order to load the software, you must register for a 30 day free trial of FileMaker Pro. You will not need to make any additional payments. To get started, click here: https://content.filemaker.com/filemaker-trial
  • Delivery: Upon receipt you will receive a link and email to download the software.
  • Returns and Refund Policy: If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days of purchase by emailing support@apparelsoft.com or calling us at 1-800-675-7957.

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